Sunday, April 09, 2006

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Free Bonuses at Party Poker

PokerNow and Intertops Poker have closed down for good, finally. If you had an account at PokerNow or Intertops Poker, you can transfer whatever balances you had at them to Party Poker, and they'll give you a bonus. I transferred a few hundred from Intertops Poker and got a $75 bonus and I had $.80 at PokerNow and that massive transfer netted me a $25 bonus. 10x raked hands apply, but they let you play with the bonus money, you just can't cash it out until you've cleared the hands.

1 comment:

Klopzi said...

Son of a b*tch! I had money at Intertops and transferred it to Party Poker a few weeks ago...and I got jack for it!

And now I don't have rakeback on the Party Network anymore...

Good stuff...