Monday, October 02, 2006

Fuck Republicans

All you Republicans who think you have the right to tell me what I can and cannot do with my own money can lick my sweaty nutsack.

The terrorists are not a threat to my freedom.



KGBlovesOreos said...

Amen brother.

Kipper said...

I am tending to believe its both Republicans and Democrats these days.

You change your title to "FUCK Government"

chipper said...

Fuck 'em all I say. It's now up to the American citizens to vote them bastards out of office and change the laws.

DuggleBogey said...

The title in no way indicates that Democrats are not fuckers too. They certainly are.

But this is most CERTAINLY a REPUBLICAN initiative. If you are a Republican that voted these fuckers into office, FUCK YOU TOO.

actyper said...

Even the Taliban support online poker! Your gov suck!!

GrayCalx said...

I'm sure you're aware, online betting persay was outlawed in 1961 under a Democratic president and a split House and Senate. After that it became a State by State issue. To "blame" the proper party you'd have to check each State's laws and the controlling party at that time.

I side with Kipper, you need to blame both parties and the attitude of the country as a whole. I think pointing a finger at one party, on this specific issue, is an ignorant and narrowminded view that will only raise false-hope that it will be better with an equally guilty party.

jl514 said...

So let me get this straight.. Online poker was outlawed persay before 'Online' was a reality? Before computers were available to the public?

That's just brilliant. So, the recent ban on liquids or gels on airplanes (in baggage that is not checked) will also not allow me to drink a Coke in my flying car in 2050?

Give it up. The ban on poker has nothing to do with 1961, nor the people in office then. Democrats aren't perfect, but on this particular issue, the Repubs are to blame.

Wolverine Fan said...

Voted republican all my life but this is most certainly a Republican Fck up and I will vote for Hillary Clinton before I ever vote for Bill Frist.

I hope in 2008 they are talking on how the "poker" vote swung the election away from Bill Frist.

62 governments support online gaming - what low have we sunk to??

Michael said...

Anyone who wants to blame this on both parties is deluding themselves. This was an 11th hour, traditional Republican maneuver by Senator Cat Killer and his Religican cronies. Fuck that whole party and let's get those bastards out of control in November. Of course, unless you want have no personal freedom or liberties at all left by 2008 (or sooner).

C.L. Russo said...

I'm sick of Democrats being blamed for things done in this congress- the Dems have zippy power to affect policy.

This is the result of Christian Conservatives finally feeling powerful enough to do what they've always wanted- bully the rest of us into living by their standards and turning the US into a nation of suspects.

frodaddy10 said...

Ok, you neophytes. Frist is only playing ball by the slick, sneaky and underhanded rules set up by the liberals. Doesn't feel good to get pissed back on now does it? Nobody likes the implications but the fact that sanctioning individual players is not involved it appears to be Frist pandering for show to the far right (a group that will get him elected, possibly). Now then, to absolve the liberal fucks (that are more focused on ensuring babies are killed because all the little whores don't like condums) reflects your limited capacity. If any party in the entire world ever wanted to limit personal freedoms it is the dems--remember the ones who like keeping all poor people dumb and poor by giving them handouts (that taxes for all you slow folk)! And, in turn they continue to get the votes from the very folks they keep oppressed, and for god sakes let's beat the fuck out of capitalists--true earners and the foundation of this super power you happen to have citizenship in. Oh, and yes, have you ever thought for one second that maybe the standards should be raised just a hair: divorce rate, criminal recidivism, shooting kids in school, etc. And, to the amoebas who think "regime" change would have any impact on this is issue, then get a grip. And, Hillary Clinton, yeah, that is a dandy, you dumbass. Oh, by the way, the Taliban wouldn't let you have a computer anyway fuck nuggets--especially if you were a bitch!

DuggleBogey said...

What is your point, you fucking moron?

I say Republicans are morons, and you say "Democrats are morons too!"

So the fuck what? That doesn't make Republicans any less moronic.

And always make sure you throw a terrorist threat in too, just so you don't miss all of the talking points.

Please kill yourself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the legislation which aims to ban credit cards as a payment method for online gambling of any sort... and i think it should be enforced worldwide – not just in America. In fact, gambling with a credit card should be banned full stop. Not just on the internet. It’s a no brainer when you consider you are placing backing the outcome of an uncertain event with somebody else’s money. Chance and credit do not mix well in my opinion, and continuing to allow it would only contribute further in negatively affecting the high levels of personal debt many citizens today find themselves in. I do however, think that the prohibition won't work; or at least it won’t be received well amongst gamblers - I mean what’s the point in banning a credit card payments made on an online poker game, for example, but not on other kinds of online sports betting? Slightly hypocritical no? I mean how can you allow someone to participate [with or without a credit card] in online horse racing betting, but not put any money on a hand of texas hold’em poker? both activities involve a large degree of chance, and neither are guaranteed to yield financial return.
What really infuriates me is that the minority of irresponsible gamblers [those paying with someone elses money!] have now ruined the fun of online betting for everyone else - those like me who pay with money they actually have in their bank!!
At least for the Americans there is always the free online poker games!

DuggleBogey said...

I'm going to leave your SPAM comment, just because the /nofollow tag keeps it from just makes you look like a MORON, which you are.

Regulating what a person does with his CREDIT is NO DIFFERENT than telling them what they can do with their MONEY. It's FASCIST and in no way resembles FREEDOM.