Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Goodbye Referrals

Last week was the first time in over a year that I didn't collect any referral points from Poker Source Online. I don't expect to get anything this week either. The UIGEA has completey choked off all my referrals, mostly because of the withdrawl of Pussy (Party) Poker. Some folks were in the middle of promotions at places like Titanic (Titan) Poker too. I hate to see how it is killing the business over at PSO. All PSO did was make online poker, already a gold mine of fun and riches, into something better. In a situation where everybody wins, you have to expect the government to step in and FUCK EVERYTHING UP. Welcome to America.

I heard a comedian on the radio this morning who had a very good point.

"Are you more afraid of the terrorists, or your governemnt? Would you be more afraid if you got a letter from the Taliban, or the IRS?"
I've never gotten mail from a terrorist, but it can't be worse that some of the letters I've gotten from the IRS.

I cashed out all my PSO referral points into Amazon.com gift certificates and went on a spending spree for stuff for the new house. The goofier the item the better. Mrs. Bogey got a Roomba Hard Floor Cleaner for her birthday. She loves it, but the dogs don't seem really fond of it. The kitchen has gotten the most of the improvements, but of course I ordered a few fun gadgets for myself.

It was nice to be able to spend some (fake) money on craziness, since buying the new house before selling the old one in Oklahoma (I'll make you a great deal if you read this and are interested in the Oklahoma Real Estate Market) has basically reduced our savings and my bankroll to zip. A lot of the expenses kind of snuck up on me...500 gallon propane tank @ $1.40 per gallon? There's a $700 bill I wasn't expecting. New tags for three vehicles @ $87 each? $261...at least I can mail the Oklahoma ones back for a pro-rated rebate. I don't think I'll hold my breath though.

I still have some nice plans in my pocket for fun stuff in the future. Looks like I may have to hold off on my next vehicle purchase for a bit longer than I'd hoped...But it will happen. Mark my words.


Veneno said...

Hope you are enjoying your new home.

pokerbobncsu said...

as much as I had wished Party to remain in the US Market, it was something they had to do, being a publicly traded company, you can't take risky moves