Sunday, October 01, 2006

MTT Rush

My strong finishes in Multi-Table Tournaments continues with an 11th out of 328 in the PSO $10,000 Freeroll at

I bubbled the final table when the big stack around $100K who was playing almost everything raised into my AA in the Big Blind. Was above $40K so a double up would have given me the lead in the tournament. He had Q9 and the flop was T99 and the turn was a Queen, and his boat sent my rockets packing.

I'm still very happy with my play as my occasional aggressive play kept me in the top five or six players for most of the game.

There is still a severe problem of stalling in these tournaments. PSO has a rule if you stall in a freeroll, you will be disqualified from all future freerolls, yet people still stall, even when the tournament gets into hand-to-hand mode. Freerolls are still freerolls I guess, and they tend to bring the morons out of the woodwork. Luckily PSO is very consistent about banning these people from all future games.

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