Monday, October 09, 2006

Missing Foot

I moved all my stuff out of the apartment and into the house this weekend. The apartment sucked in just about every way (what was that constant high pitched noise?) but it did have high speed internet.

The new house does not have internet yet, and being there feels like an appendage is missing. Dish TV helps, but no internet means no poker, and no poker make Duggle grumpy.

I got the phone connected, after some troubleshooting, on Friday. I put my order in for DSL after finding out that the cable company doesn't offer Internet yet, but they do offer digital cable. Priorities, I guess. There are two wireless internet places but both of their towers are obscured by trees. Damn my beautiful wooded environment.

Of course there's dial up, but I want to exhaust every other high speed option. I don't think I've ever tried to play poker over dial up. Is it even possible? What are we, cavemen here?

The other option is satellite internet, but latency bothers me A LOT. Does anyone out there play poker over satellite internet?


Anonymous said...

I have played over dial-up before never by choice. My high speed would crash and I would dial into my work connection. Shh don't tell. As long as my connection was at least in the 20's I had no issues. How reliable is the satellite internet? My father inlaw had satellite TV and sometimes on cloudy days he had to fight to get a great reception. So not sure about the satellite.

Wolverine Fan said...

You sure that wasn't a high pitched whine in the apartment?

Let's hold out for DSL, which seems to be the best choice if available. Hard to believe cable provider doesn't have internet yet.