Thursday, October 19, 2006

Long Personal Nightmare

internetMy Long Personal Nightmare is nearly over. Tomorrow I am having High Speed Internet installed!

I've played two tournaments using dial-up (like a caveman!) and while possible, it is certainly not the preferred way to play. I disconnected in the first one, and the panic over trying to reconnect possibly resulted in my misplaying of the next two hands, causing my early exit.

Both tournaments I've played via dial-up were for the PSO league. I missed the first three tournaments of the eight-game schedule. Your best five scores count, and I've exited early in both of them so the pressure is on for the final three. I still have a chance if I finish in the top three at least twice. Even if I didn't have a chance, I'd still play.

The overlay for the individual tournaments is incredible, and that doesn't even include the multitudes of bounties available. All PSO employees have bounties on them, and the top three players in the standings have bounties as well. I had two of the top three at my table in the first one, and boy they were donkalicious. Unfortunately I got moved from the table before I got a chance to K.O. either of them.

The prizes for winning the league start at around $1400 plus a couple hundred in tournament entries. This is for eight $5.50 tournaments.

KingLucky has two final tables and a 15th place finish so far, so he's in the top ten in standings even though he's only played four out of the five tourneys so far. I may be relegated to rooting him on if I don't place well in the next one.

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Anonymous said...

Damn I have to keep up to speed for events like this... PSO leagues should be something that we all take advantage of.

Good luck in the remaining events.