Thursday, October 26, 2006

Search Rankings

I'm pretty astounded how many people find my blog via searches on Google. Here are some of the searches people do to find their way to my blog, and when I check the searches how far up I am on the list of URLs for them to click:

destructive criticism 5th
I did a post called "Destructive Criticism" where I listed what I don't like about all the blogs in my blogroll. It was HUGELY UNPOPULAR, as expected. Still a fun exercise. And the phrase seems pretty uncommon, so I score pretty high on searches for it.
shanna hiatt 15th
I haven't posted about Shanna in a long time, but I still get tons of hits from searches on her. This will probably pick up when she re-emerges as the preeminent poker diva on NBC's new poker show.
pichers of sharks 5th
I facetiously posted the word "pichers" when I posted some pictures, and ever since then I have gotten tons of hits from all the illiterati out there. Funny how misspelling words can get you hits, but do you really want those hits?
wpex connection problems 2nd
I seem to have a few "wpex" hits most every day, especially when it's somebody unhappy with them. I never get a "wpex is great!" search. Interesting.
limit vs no limit 4th
I have done a few limit vs. No limit posts, and this is a very popular search. I don't know if my post helps people with their inquiries. Maybe it does.
poker coins 5th
I did a small review of a site that sells poker card protectors called "poker coins" and have always gotten a few occasional hits ever since. I still use the ones I got and I love them.
fuck me running 3rd
I did a post titled "fuck me running" and have gotten hits on it ever since. I still love the phrase ever since I heard it from a guy in 1986 named Jeff VanBuren, one of the original VanBuren boys.
rude fuck 4th
I get a lot of hits on the word "rude" in general, like "rude jokes" or "rude comics" but this one is the most consistent. Maybe I overuse the word "fuck?"
free money from titan 4th
I like the free money hits, especially if I get a referral out of it, but I haven't picked up a single free money referral since that fateful Friday the 13th.
free poker money 6th
This is a biggie, I have made a lot of referral bucks off this one.
rake rebate 5th
I probably should post more about rake rebates, because I don't think I get a lot of referrals about this one either. I need a referral for a place that does rake rebate from Full Tilt Poker. I bet a lot of people are looking for that service now...
titan poker delete account 6th
This one makes me feel good. I had a bad experience with Titan poker and quit referring people there without explicitly denouncing the place. Now that they are rejecting US customers, I guess it's unnecessary.
Anyway, those are some of the ways folks are finding their way here. I hope they get some good info, or at least a smile or two from what they find.

And the winner for best referring link goes to:

RailBird Blog

Yes, it's a blog written in German, but it has a link to me. It may be the only blog out there that has a Go Be Rude link but doesn't have an Iggy link.


chipper said...

I think I purposely leave out the word "fuck" from my blog simply because I figure it will attract a different kind of crowd. I don't care for that.

But you are right that Google (and some other search engines like AOLsearch) do send a fair amount of traffic to our fair blog sites.

My biggest search comes from people typing in "party poker chipper". Also get folks looking for wood chippers as well - lol.

If traffic is what you're after, then ya, add lots of catch phrases to your blog entries. Perhaps one of them will click on our ad links and pay us off.

pokerbobncsu said...

oh yeah, thanks for that free Titan money a few months ago, I found your blog because of that search :)

Anonymous said...

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