Monday, March 12, 2007

Blinded By the Daylight Savings

dawnI got stung twice by the forward push of Daylight Savings. Two stings and just general misery.

It got me yesterday when I logged nearly an hour in advance to register for the bloggerpods tournament. Only I forgot about Daylight Savings and I actually logged on ONE MINUTE too late to register. Of course I suspected, but I just barely missed it. No iPod for me.

Then on my way into work this morning, it was dark again. I had to go in extra early because of the Daylight Savings change on the servers I support, and Daylight Savings had pushed back the sunrise by an hour. When I flicked on the headlights of my car, all I could see was the very faint glow from my parking lights. No headlights at all. FRICK! Luckily for me, the hi-beams were working. So I blinded the three other souls I saw on the road this morning at 5am (which felt like 4am, or even earlier as I didn't get to sleep until after 1am.)

On my way home I pulled the fuse and examined it, then pulled both bulbs and examined them. All of them looked fine. Somehow this examination miraculously brought one headlight back to life. A stop at the Auto Zone for a new bulb brought the other one back. It will be pre-dawn for the rest of the month when I head for work, so I won't have to blind any more pickups at 5am.

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