Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poker? You first!

I actually played some poker yesterday! No, I didn't stay up late enough to play the Hoy, but I did play some of the donkey limits on PokerStars. I'm nursing a pretty small bankroll on there and have no way to get money in or out, so I gotta make it last. Playing $.50/$1 limit satisfied my poker jones for the evening.

The lower the levels you play, the more you run into table coaches. I called a guy all the way down with 22 unimproved and he went off on me like I was the worst player he had ever seen when he never connected with his AQ. "I can't wait to take all your money away," he said. "Sorry, it's my first time, but pairs beat ace high right?" When he started I was stuck about $20 but managed to leave the table even after he paid me off on every single hand we played together. Maybe acting like an ass flips the PokerStars "Doom Switch." Wouldn't it be great if it did?


I was really anxious for spring this year because I wanted the Drive in Movie Theater a mile from my house to open. It was open for a few weeks last year but we were so occupied with moving in we didn't get a chance to attend. I made it a goal for this spring. They opened two weeks ago but I wasn't interested in the films the first week and it was a frigid weekend. This weekend it was in the seventies and they were showing a double feature "The Bridge To Tarabithia" and "Ghost Rider." $5 per person and you can bring in your own food and drinks.

We had a good time. "Tarabithia" was a kids movie but I wouldn't let my children watch it. Not just because I don't have children. "Ghost Rider" was really dumb, but in a very cool way. The plot was very 70's comic book, which is okay by me, since I was raised on 70's comic books. The wife fell asleep ten minutes into it, so I guess her review would be "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

Mrs. Bogey and I decided that it was a fun and cheap evening, picking up some fast food or pizza and watching a flicker at the drive-in could become a routine around our place. Unfortunately the place burned down on Sunday. They show films on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights starting at 8pm, but when we drove by the place on Sunday morning on the way to breakfast, the sign had changed to "Closed Due To Fire."

I was so disappointed I felt like stopping to see if I could help in any way. There were people there pulling burned bits out of the cinder block shell that housed the snack shop.

I hope they get the place going again, there's not much to a drive-in but the old couple that run it pretty much just did it as a hobby.

If they decide it's not worth the trouble, at least I got to go once before the fire. And if they decide to sell it, I would have to give it some serious thought.

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