Tuesday, March 13, 2007

With a Capital "T" Which Rhymes with "P" and that Stands for "PUSSY"

paranoiaThe biggest problem I have with laws like the UIGEA is that they are fundamentally flawed in a country that purports to value "freedom." The government has decided what you should and should not be doing with your money, and gambling on the internet is one of the things those we've elected to supposedly defend our freedoms have decided that we should not allow ourselves to do.

Why should I be surprised when things like this also happen.

Yes, the town has outlawed bars that allow pool, karaoke and trivia video games. Nothing is allowed that is more interactive than WATCHING TV. The people of this town have decided that you shouldn't be spending your money on alcohol while enjoying a game of pool, a round of trivia or (god forbid) singing karaoke.

How did people in this country get so far off track? Where do they get off thinking that they need to control the people that surround them so much that they can't allow them to SING WHEN DRINKING? What are they trying to protect themselves from?

Is it paranoia? I've noticed that people all around me seem to be TERRIFIED of things that they weren't afraid of in the past. We didn't used to have things like helmet laws for bicycles, seat belt laws, laws against riding in the backs of pickup trucks. Sure doing those things was risky, but it was up to us to determine if we wanted to take that risk. For some reason that decision cannot be left to ourselves anymore, we must be TOLD how much risk we can allow ourselves.

How pathetic are we, as a nation?


Human Head said...

Some pretty unbelievable stuff. What's really noodle-breaking on a daily basis is just how much is still on its way down the pipe.

NH, sir.

Steelie said...

Unbelieveable. Pretty soon they will just outlaw everything. There's nothing good that can come of stuff like this. It's just hatred, pure and simple. People like the people in that town hate whomever doesn't agree agree with them and they want to drive them out of the town so that they can have their own little religious utopia.

C.L. Russo said...

Considering how self-righteous the evangelical community is, it's always surprising why they can't be content with their own salvation.

For some reason, it's vitally important for us to live by their morals as well, even though they get no benefit from us doing so, and no detriment when we don't.

I hate religion.