Thursday, March 15, 2007

News Unworthy

onaI heard on the radio this morning that the Opie and Anthony Traveling Virus Tour will be in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Casino on April 14th. Anthony Cumia is planning on arriving the night before (Friday the 13th) and playing poker all night. If you want to play with a celeb, you might be able to get into the game. I've heard him talk about playing in Kevin Smith's home game, and he sounds like he has some idea of how to play. I'm going to try to swing a trip out there that weekend so I can try to get into the game and see the show. The lineup so far is:

Jim Norton
Joe Rogan
Louis C.K.
Frank Caliendo
Bob Kelly
Rich Vos
Otto & George
Ralphie May
I really want to see Louis C.K. and Joe Rogan. What I've heard of them on XM Comedy is hilarious so I can't wait to see them live.

PSO Rumors

I still keep up with most of what goes on over at the forum at Poker Source Online and I think there are big things brewing. There was a thread talking about a new logo, and I doubt they would come up with only a new logo over there. I expect and entire site overhaul, and I'm sure there will be a big shakeup in the promotions offered and member's freerolls. If you're a member over there be sure to take a look once in a while. If you haven't signed up there yet, you're missing out on a lot of free stuff. You really can't go wrong with anything over at Poker Source Online. I'll keep you updated on any changes I see over there.


Steelie said...

If you get a chance, definitely do it. That line-up rocks! I've been an o&A fan for a while, and I would kill for tickets to that show.

Haven't been over to PSO for quite a while. This shake-up in the US has kept me from moving funds around, so I haven't done any promos in months. Thanks for the heads up!

Dan said...

The shake-up:

Mike is out as CEO.
I'm taking over.

Introducing "PSO-Teller".

Chris said...

Dan is dreaming.

The real deal (just for you baby) is:
new site design
new league
new freerolls
new promos

Be there or be square ;)


JL514 said...

Big things going on over there duggle. Thats all i can say. I think you'll be very impressed.

Wolverine Fan said...

Is that last comment from Dan for real?

PSO-teller taking the place of neteller? Interesting if true.