Thursday, March 29, 2007

Two Peeps, Two Cracks

The last two Peeps I've played (2-table Token SNGs on Full Tilt Poker) I got knocked out with AA both times. I played them completely differently, and I played them completely WRONG.

The first time I was the short stack with six left. These tourneys give a token to the top 5 players and give cash to the player who finishes sixth. The next shortest stack went all in, and I have AA. I knew the big stacks would call with ATC to try to knock him out but I went all in anyway. THE REST OF THE TABLE CALLED and KQ rivered a straight to knock me out with sixth place money.

The next I went out tenth when I was (again) the short stack and I picked up AA in the SB. Since the big stack was the BB and it folded to me, I decided I had to double up here. I might have been on tilt after folding A4 in the BB after two players went all-in, both with Q high. I was short enough to take the risk but pussied out and saw a flop of A44. AA on the very next hand made me feel like just getting my blind back wasn't enough. I just called the half-bet and pushed on a flop of 975. The BB called with 95 and I said "Wow I suck!" in the chat just before my tourney ended.

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slb159 said...

I assume you're talking about the turbo 8$ ones since the 6$ ones pay one less spot.

Those things can be tough, but if you get a knack for them, they can be quite easy to beat. I got a small collection of those peep prizes in my cashier, and looking at the teit two's, since I ain't no large MTT player.

Problem is, the 2-table teir two's take forever (I played two of them and am 1 for two), and the single table ones are turbos with only the top two getting the 75$ token.

Wish they offered 2-table turbo tier two's