Monday, March 05, 2007

Pokery Action

I showed up an hour and a half late for the Bloggerpods2 tournament, but it looks like it didn't go off as planned. They've rescheduled it for next Sunday if anyone is curious. I got lucky that the Full Tilt servers were down when the tournament was scheduled to begin. I'll try to remember 6pm Central time, although that will be after daylight savings so it will feel live 5pm.

Daylight savings is weeks early this year as everyone who supports a computer system already knows. It's your basic nightmare here as we have to deal with process engineers who think that it's okay to schedule events daily by scheduling the next event to occur 24 hours after the last one. This will cause more problems than Y2K, mark my words. The sun was coming up this morning as I drove in at 5:45 this morning, so I sort of welcome the extra hour of darkness in the morning.

I was still in the mood for some pokery type action when I logged in late for Bloggerpods2 since I hadn't played a hand since last weekend, so I fired up a SNG on Full Tilt. The action was pretty typical, (aka some dork calling all in pre-flop in the first five hands with J9 soooooooooted) until we got down to the final four. I took third and fourth out in one hand when my AQ beat A7 and A8 on a flop of QT8. I lost the heads-up match when my opponent called off half his stack with T2 after missing the flop. He must have felt the ten coming on the turn and I was too pot stuck to get away from it. When he insta-called I was expecting to see AT because that was the only hand I could reasonably expect someone to call a 2500 flop bet with, so when I saw the T2 I was too disgusted to play another game.

I'm taking my second place money and going back to WoW.


jjok said...

wondering what the costs associated with microsoft patches are?!?!

DuggleBogey said...

Well, the servers I administer are in production, so I can't just install a patch from Microsoft and assume it will work and not break anything. The patches must be tested in a simulated environment, then they must be implemented during downtimes so there's overtime involved.

And you'd be surprised how many systems do not use system time to determine scheduling...