Monday, March 05, 2007

Keep Your Money Safe For Poker

I got an email this morning saying that I received $386.56 in my account! Sweet!

Except that I don't have a account. I never have.

As usual it's another scam to try to get you to login through one of the links in the email to surrender your account information and password so they can raid your account.

You can usually tell if one of these emails is a scam because of misspellings or obvious errors in formatting. This one was suspicious because of the MANY MANY places where you could click to go to your account "directly" instead of typing the url into the address bar or using a shortcut/bookmark that you created yourself.

Do yourself a favor, and NEVER EVER click on a link in an email and then log into an account that has real money or information in it.

I caught myself doing it last week. Even though it looked like a legitimate email from a company I ordered something from for an amount I was expecting to see, I still stopped when I had to login to my account after clicking on an email link. Type in the URL of the site you are going to. The few seconds you save by clicking on the link isn't worth the risk you take in giving your account information to an unscrupulous email scammer.


Chipper said...

FTP wasn't the only site having problems yesterday. I think there was a major hacking attempt going on with Stars AND FTP as well as some other sites like PSO too.

I had made a lot of arrangements with my family to change our schedule so that I could play in the BloggerPods 2. Guess I'll have to wing it again next week.

Anonymous said...

Man that is the funniest comment, "except I don't have a Moneybookers account." I had to laugh because I also get about a dozen of the MB phishing emails a week. Never, click on a link arriving in the email. ouch.


Wolverine Fan said...

Maybe that was your Full Tilt money in the Moneybookers account.

Hope to see you next week in the Poker On a Mac tourney.