Friday, June 22, 2007

Hasta La Vista

It's 5:45 am and I'm in San Luis Potosí México waiting for my flight through Houston back to Nashville. The only flights out of this place are ungodly early, and the tiny airport is packed full of people trying to get home for the weekend.

I only took three pictures while I was here.

The first one was the scary small plane that flew here from Dallas:


The second was the plant construction in the rain from the trailer where the planning meetings took place:


And the third was from my hotel room window this morning at 4am when I had to get up and check out of the hotel in order to make it to the airport on time:


As you can see all these pictures only excuse is that it rained pretty much the entire time I was here. One local coworker had to head home because he got a call that said his house was floating away. I'm not sure if that description was literal or not...I've seen some houses here that could possibly become buoyant.

It looks like I can do most of the work that needs to be done back in Tennessee, and I won't have to return to Mexico until August 1st, but at that point I will probably stay through the end of September, two weeks at a time.

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