Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Speaking of Fun Weekly Tournaments

Tonight is the last ever Weekly WWdN tournament at PokerStars. Wil has been unceremoniously excused from Team Pokerstars, so the Weekly Wheatie is ending.

It's time for the tournament to go, since every fucking retard online decides to go to Wil's table and give him shit throughout the tournament. It made the game unbearable if you had chat on, and chatting was the fun part of that tournament, or at least it used to be.

Still Wil has been a fantastic host and I know many of you have had a good time at this tournament.

Lets try to give it a sendoff that it really deserves. If you happen to be at Wil's table, do me a favor and NEVER stop giving the asshole railbirds shit. It's at 8:30PM Eastern Time, password is "monkey."

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