Tuesday, June 12, 2007


sopranos finaleHave you noticed that all the people who are upset about the Sopranos finale have a high correlation with those people who are obsessed with Paris Hilton?

There's a reason for that.

Those people are fucking MORONS.

paris hilton mugshotThe Series Finale of the Sopranos was absolutely brilliant. I wasn't able to watch it Sunday night so I had to DVR it and watch it on Monday, which was challenging because I had to dodge everyone who wanted to talk about it or blog about it. So I avoided all media until I could see the show for myself.

I couldn't have been more pleased with the ending. Because it wasn't an ending. Everything wasn't tied up in a neat little package for everyone to KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. The show has always striven to be true-to-life, and coming to a solid conclusion is not how life works. If this upsets you, then you probably have control issues with YOUR life and you need to work on letting go.

Then there was the little "fuck you" at the end where they went to black for 11 seconds, so all those "I have to know how everything works out" people can have a heart attack, imagining that they have somehow missed something.

Maybe they can use those eleven seconds to switch over to CNN (!) and get the latest on Paris Hilton.


JB said...

Funny post and oh so true. The finale was awesome.

jjok said...

Loved it.....absolutely.

TeeDubb said...

I hate to disagree with you Doog, but I found the ending to be a total copout. David Chase was too cowardly to write a real ending to this show, so he figured he would "let the audience make up their own."

Instead, I thought my cable went out. I've been watching this show for almost 10 years and this is my payoff? It certainly made it convenient to do a Sopranos movie in 5 years if/when his next show flops...

I thought it was a cheap way to end it - even cheaper than changing the name of your blog from Go Be Rude to Free Poker Money. ;)

Paris Hilton is a media whore and deserves to serve every second of her jail sentence. As an American (and former member of the media), I'm ashamed that she is even considered worthy of news coverage.

FYI, it's TeeDubb from Iggy's home game - glad things are going well for you in Tennessee. You'll have to make the trek up to Cincy to join us again since you're so much closer now! We can further discuss the Sopranos finale over a few grape Smirnoff Ices. :D

DuggleBogey said...

Free Poker Money is only slightly tackier than "Party Poker Blogs" isn't it?

I can't wait for another game in Cincy, although I might have to step up to something stronger like "Mike
s Hard Lemonade."