Monday, June 18, 2007

Trading SoCo for Tequila


Well Wilmington Delaware isn't going to happen. So I am off to central Mexico on Wednesday afternoon. Sorry Al, it would have been a blast to spend some time with you. As soon as I saw how close Atlantic City was I should have known that destination wasn't in the cards. (Get it?)

At least I'm only heading down there for a one day meeting to begin with. Hopefully I will be able to grab as much work as I can and bring it back here to get done. International travel is so tedious. I feel like I spend most of the time in airports waiting in line to wait in line to wait in line.

The hotel advertises high speed internet so hopefully I can send a post or two from there.

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AlCantHang said...

Bah, oh well. You would have died of boredom in Wilmington eventually. Good luck in Mexico.

Soco invite is always open.