Friday, June 08, 2007


Since the third anniversary of Go Be Rude is this month, I thought it might be an appropriate time to thank some of those people that I've encountered since this ill conceived idea began.

I want to thank Iggy for making me feel like one of the group from the very start, impossible as that task may be. Iggy goes out of his way to make you feel special, and that's pretty special. He's a good friend who takes an interest in your opinions, even when he fervently disagrees with them.

I want to thank Pauly for treating me like one of the cool kids, lauging at my jokes and sharing a good time, even though I'm really a stick-in-the-mud. I'm not the party type, but Pauly went to great lengths to make me feel like I belonged even though I was very out of my element. I also want to thank Pauly for giving blog writers something to aspire to. Some people are one in a million, Pauly is one in a BILLION.

I want to thank Double As for making me feel like part of his book, by letting me do the cover art. I had no idea it was the cover I was working on, I just thought it was some goofy illustration. I'm glad it turned out so great and I loved reading the book. Thanks for the autographed copy and all the good information in it.

I want to thank GaryC for being a good guy. I don't know that I've met another poker player that's as deep down a good guy as Gary. Just being around Gary makes you feel like a good guy. He's a fantastic host who made me feel welcome even though I couldn't give him the time he deserved for doing such a great job with Okie-Vegas.

I want to thank Maudie for making Oklahoma seem more like my kind of place when I was there. I didn't know there were that kind of people in Oklahoma, and I felt a lot better about the place after meeting Maudie. Along with Gary, she made Oklahoma a much more bearable place for me.

I want to thank Life's A Grind for having a blast with me in my donkey games on the poker cruise. I know I dragged him into a few games that he didn't want to play in, but those games were certianly a lot more fun because he was in them. The cruise was a lot more fun because he was there.

I want to thank Steeler Josh and TripJax for the laughs at Okie-Vegas, putting up with me at the poker tables in Oklahoma even though I was being my usual donkey self. I'm sure I will run into Josh again (probably an airport) and hopefully I will see Jax again at Tunica in July.

I want to thank Felicia for making me feel like I'm only the second most hated poker blogger. No, seriously, I want to thank her for being understanding and actually asking for my opinion and treating me like I have something valuable to say.

I want to thank BG and THG for welcoming me to Michigan for the few weeks while I was there, and for making me feel like a friend. Thanks guys for a great day of poker and racing at the track, it really made Michigan seem like it would have been a better opportunity if I had ended up there.

I want to thank Al Can't Hang for being Al, and making me feel welcome if I ever go on the road to Philly. It's still not certain when I will go, it keeps getting delayed and delayed. But I really appreciate the invitation.

I want to thank Veneno for all the heads up action. Being schooled by the queen is worth every penny of the buy ins. Thanks for everything.

I want to thank Daddy for laughing at my jokes and making me feel like I was a funny guy, even though I was actually in the presence of comedy genius.

I want to thank Mike and Michelle Jackness for...well, way too many things to list here. It boggles the mind.

I want to thank DLK9s for the great fun in Vegas and for everything else he does, PSO and otherwise. Thanks Dan.

I want to thank everyone else that I've met through this blog. You've definitely made my life more interesting, if not better, by knowing you. Shame on me for not thanking you by name.

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis, for making me feel like it isn't a total waste of time putting this drivel out a few times a week, even though it really is.



TripJax said...

hexcellent post duggle. looking forward to tunica and okie. i'll have you on my speed dial for when we are headed to tunica.

thanks for mentioning me in the post...those were good times in okie last year...

Chipper said...

Happy bloggerversary Duggle. Enjoyed reading the blog for quite a while.

HighOnPoker said...

Happy blogoversary!

Lifesagrind said...

Memorable games indeed. If not for you I may have never learned the true value of the hammer.

Happy Anniversay!

jjok said...


no, no, no.....

Thank YOU.

Happy anniversary bub.

Ignatious said...

wow, three years?

and you're welcome. :)

this kinder, gentler duggles suits you, i'm ashamed to say. don't make it a habit.

GaryC said...

Hey Duggle,

As everybody else has said, thank you, as well. You made me feel like part of this community from the very start and I really appreciate that.

Great 3 years, keep up the good work.


Veneno said...

My pleasure. If you need to be schooled again, just hit me up on IM for a session.

Human Head said...

And here's to hoping you continue with the waste of time for a few more years.

Congrats on #3

slb159 said...

well said

Thx for the help in setting up the free Titan promotion when I first got started playing poker and the banner for my site.

Oh and the Bodog thing. Not everyone likes certain people, but good favors, a smart guy, and a well-written blog are all always appreciated.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

Drizztdj said...

Wow, three years in blogger years is like 30. Or are those dog years?