Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stats are Funny


I'm back in the top 10 in the weekly Mookie, even though I've only played in four events this year. $277.50 - $44.00 in entries makes my total winnings $233.50. Even the guy in 2nd place has only won $266.10. If the leaderboard counted actual winnings and not total winnings, I'd be in 6th place just behind Bone_Daddy84 who's only ahead of me by $5.05 in net earnings, and MiamiDon who's only ahead of him by the same $5.05.

Had I not chopped with Zeem and won, I'd be in net second place with ~$311, but if I hadn't chopped and lost (more likely!), I'd be just behind pokerpeaker at 8th place.

Zeem would have nearly twice as much as second place with his $503.70 in actual earnings. The battle for second place between NumbBono and Bayne_s would be very tight with less than $3 separating them. Calculating the standings in this way might make it much more difficult to catch Zeem in the standings.

As for me, the best move would probably be to quit before my donkey luck gives out.

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