Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Excitable Boy, They All Said

I have been getting absolutely KILLED at work. New server, same old piece of crap application, with an upgrade!!! New and different problems....grumble grumble. Didn't fix the old problems either.....I hate software upgrades. I blame Microsoft. If they wouldn't discontinue support for NT4, I never would have had to go through this madness.

Anyway, BEFORE the insanity started, I finished my required hands at Bodog. I decided to play NLHE Ring games, instead of Tournaments. Here's what I was thinking...Find a table that has an average pot over $5 at the $.10/$.25 NL game. Then limp whenever you can, only calling raises with premium hands. Limp with ANYTHING in early position. Fold if it is raised more than double the blind (min raises make baby Jesus cry, ya know) and see what happens. Do this until the rest of the table figures out what you are doing, then switch tables.

What Happened, you ask? I caught INSANE flushes and straights. I quadrupled up my $25 buy in, and the table NEVER caught on. I guess I looked like a fish who plays every hand, because I always got called when I hit a big hand. ALWAYS. Nut straight with 75o, all-in, FOUR CALLERS. They were all small stacks, but still, the nuts is the nuts. Nobody was raising their premium hands pre-flop. I was on a bit of a roller-coaster, but the downs were slow and small, and the ups were HUGE and FAST. I may need to rethink my NL ring game strategy. There was some card rushing going on, but it was fun playing so loose pre-flop.

So that finished my PokerSourceOnline promotion at Bodog Poker. It was okay, nothing really special. The software is relatively cool, but the cards in your hand were too small. The community cards were perfect size. I didn't like having to type your password in every time you entered, like Pacific. If anyone ever says "like Pacific" when referring to your software FIX IT IMMEDIATELY. The cashier sucks. The lobby tells you how much you have in your bankroll, but doesn't refresh unless you close the software and re-start it. Lame. If there's a way to refresh it otherwise, it wasn't very intuitive. Or I'm an idiot. Whichever. I made money with the promotion, plus the bonus dollars, so I can't really complain.

Speaking of PSO, my one-year anniversary of joining the forum was today. I left a post thanking them for the year, and it really is unbelievable how much free stuff I have gotten from them. The value is in the THOUSANDS of dollars. Most of this was the free poker cruise they gave me, but I got a ton of stuff from points, freerolls and league events. I only lost money completing a promotion once, and that was the second one I did at Aztec Riches Poker. I lost $13 of my buy-in, and got a $60 set of poker chips, which I gave away. That's one of FIVE poker chipsets I received, two table tops, DVDs, Books, Polo Shirts and a bunch of poker supplies.

I got some more stuff from PokerCoin.com in the mail yesterday, so I will have pictures and a comprehensive review coming up. For now, I gotta say the stuff is AWESOME. I can't wait to try it out in a poker room.

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