Monday, May 09, 2005

Quitting Poker

SirWiffleWaffle quit poker this weekend.

I thought about quitting this weekend too. It looks like SirF is quitting because he is losing. I might be the only person who thinks about quitting after winning.

When people ask me if they should quit poker, I have almost the exact same reaction as I have when people ask me if I think they should start playing poker. It's a tough question that I have no answer for. If you think you should start, you probably should. If you think you should quit, you probably should. Other that, you're pretty much on your own. People never take advice about things like that anyway.

Of course there are certain personality types that absolutely should not play poker. If you are prone to fits from frustration, or likely to become a degenerate gambler, then of course, you should not play poker. But the former should be obvious after the first couple of bad beats, and the latter will never be stopped anyways.

I thought about quitting after playing at the TBird on Friday. (Yes I saw Maudie, no, I didn't say hello.) I might just quit live poker, and almost certainly quit playing at the TBird.

I was playing $3/$6. I arrived around 7:00pm and didn't get seated until after 8:00. No big deal. When I got seated the table was full of fishies. If I were to describe the table in Maudie fashion, I'd have to say Seat 9 was a moron, seat 8 was a moron, seat 7 was a moron, seat 6 was a get the picture.

I wasn't catching any big hands at makes it tougher to beat the fishies when they catch all manner of goofiness, but I was still beating these idiots. Betting every pair, betting two pair like is the absolute nuts and not understanding why trips beats their two pair.

Here's the hand that bothered me so much. I had J9s in middle position. The flop is J7J. Idiot in 9 seat bets, I raise in the 2 seat, Idiot in 7 seat calls, 9 seat calls. Turn is a K. 9 seat checks, I check, 7 seat bets, 9 seat calls, I call. River is a 3. 9 Seat checks, I check, 7 seat bets, 9 seat calls, I raise, 7 calls, 9 folds.

7 seat shows King Trey. I show my J9, Clueless Dealer (don't get me started on these winners) shoves my money toward 7 seat. Someone at the table corrects the dealer (for the zillionth time tonight) and he pushes the money to me. Idiot in 7 seat stands and gets upset. He still thinks he had the best hand. Someone explains to him that he lost, and he is so mad at me for check raising him that he collets his money, which is a HUGE stack because this moron played every hand and hit two pair EVERY TIME, and leaves the table up a TON, very disgusted with me.

This is how I play limit poker. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN SEE HOW TO WIN AT LIMIT POKER. When you have the best of it and you KNOW YOU HAVE THE BEST OF IT, whether it's because you have a monster or you know your opponents are idiots, you have to get EVERY EXTRA BET YOU CAN. That is the GAME. You don't leak extra bets, and you generate extra bets where you can. You didn't have to bet the river idiot. You didn't even have to call my check raise. If you even understood that you were counterfeited, you wouldn't have.

I bet a chased four people from the table the same way that night. And I wasn't doing very well, I was only up about $100.

This wouldn't have ordinarily have bothered me, but there were aggravating circumstances.

The table eventually got bad. I knew this, but I still couldn't leave. I lost a lot of my meager winnings playing short handed against players that I shouldn't have. One sat behind me for about 2 hours and watched every hand I played. He was in a wheelchair and was buddies with the guy next to me. I didn't see the harm until his name got called and he refused to play any other table. But I still played. I played until 5am. When I finally left there were SIX messages on my phone (which got no signal in the casino) from Mrs. Bogey, who was getting more and more PISSED OFF with every message.

Add to this that the TBird, which already takes an outrageous rake, forces you to post when you sit, or wait for the BB. The list is a mile long, but you still have to post. How retarded is that? It caught everyone off guard because they just changed the rule in the past week. Seats were constantly empty, even though the list was miles long. It took 20 minutes for them to fill a seat. The hands per hour rate is atrocious. There was one time when the dealer, who counts the cards after the river is dealt, started counting the cards out after the turn was dealt. "FLOOR!" That took 15 minutes to resolve.

And my favorite. Capped pre-flop by a half dozen players. Flop is Ace-Three-Three. Turn is a king. Capped the whole way and winner turns over KK, for the turned boat. Nice Hand. Right? After this hand there is a dealer change, and the new dealer counts the cards. 53.....There were five threes in the deck. "FLOOR!" I don't even know what should have been done in this situation....Felicia? Little help? I do know what they did....nothing.

So, since I can't seem to play a reasonable amount of time, I can't leave when the table gets bad, the rake is outrageous, the dealers are incompetent, and I piss off too many people when I play there, I don't think I will be patronizing the TBird again.


TenMile said...

There will be a room in Ponca City before long, I suspect.

That will not help the dealers any, nor the "standardization" of rules among the cardrooms. Probably.

Sure will help your gas milage though.

Felicia :) said...

Take some time to cool off, and then make decisions.

You need to be very diligent about protecting your rights at the table. No one should have been allowed to sit behind you for hours, nor should you have allowed him to see your hole cards. Learn to protect your hand better.

I have always said that if you have the balls to play poker, you have the balls to stand up, rant and rave, and protect your rights.

As far as the fifth three, nothing can be done after the fact. These things happen. No resolution is going to be a good one, so it is better to move on.

Chris Halverson said...

Posting when sitting is actually pretty common. I am surprised when I don't have to post before the BB. Granted, if they just changed it I can understand the confusion.

Also, 1 hour for a low limit table is nothing around here. If you want to play 4/8 or lower at Canterbury on the weekend you better be prepared for a 2-3 hour wait. Then there's the rake, jackpot drop, tips, no free alcohol.

Canterbury does fill the seats quickly and it's really well run, especially since there's no competition in the area.

It's still fun to play live once in a while though. :)

StudioGlyphic said...

"So, since I ... ... ... piss off too many people when I play there, I don't think I will be patronizing the TBird again."

Duggle, I could be wrong, but shouldn't someone whose blog is called "Go Be Rude" be unconcerned about pissing people off with a river check-raise? :)

The nice thing about live poker is that people who bust out usually rebuy until they've spent all the money they've brought to gamble, and sometimes more. They don't go hopping around from table to table. But yeah, you gotta play higher limits to combat the rake and lower hands/hour rate.

Maudie said...

I wish you'd said "hello" while I was there...

I was surprised when I sat down and they asked if I wanted to post - this was new. I sat a $4/8 table and did ok.

I haven't experienced the laundry list of problems you did, save for some dealer mistakes and lack of enforcement of rules - mainly people removing their chips from the table. I've spoken up about that, as have others when it happens.

I've never had to wait more than 30 - 45 minutes for a table... I usually get there between 5:30 and 6:30.

There is a considerable difference between the T-Bird and Cherokee - look for a future post about that.

The Goldsby casino will be having poker soon and the Lucky Star (Concho & Clinton) Casinos have it now.

Sorry it was so bad for you - hope I get to meet you someday...

Drizztdj said...

I'd just be happy just to be able to play live poker. Online Poker(blogger IMs aside) gets almost mechanical after awhile.