Monday, May 30, 2005

Poker Money vs. Non-Poker Money

I'm kind of twisted in the fact that I don't use poker money to buy non-poker stuff. My poker bankroll is independent of my other money, so if I want to get something "pokery" I use poker money to buy it. If I have poker money to spend, I try to use it for something "pokery." I have used my comps at for poker related items only, like poker chips, poker tables, etc.

This is kind of a stretch, but I used an gift certificate I earned using PSO points to get this: (despite being advised against this particular model by a polite reader who was very kind to email, sorry I ignored your advice.)


I know, it's not specifically a poker item, but I will definitely use it when I'm playing in the WSOP event this year, and plan on using it whenever I play live.

This thing is really very kick ass. It's TINY, much smaller than I expected, and very thin. It comes with a little faux leather case with a belt clip, but it slips so easily in my pocket I don't use it.

It holds 6 gigs of music or other MP3/WMA audio, and has a built in battery that is good for 15-20 hours. It recharges via USB or AC outlet, which is kind of handy.

One of the things I really like about it is when you hook it up to a computer, it behaves exactly like a 6gig hard drive. So I can also use it to transfer larger files from home to work. This is very handy for me, as I only have about 3 gigs of music on it right now, leaving plenty of room for file transfers. While I have plenty of audio on my hard drives at home, I have a difficult time finding more than 3 gigs of stuff that's actually worth listening to. Right now I am enjoying the "Garden State" soundtrack. I enjoyed the movie as well.

I got $200 in gift certificates from Poker Source Online and the Rio Carbon Pearl cost $175 including shipping, so I will probably buy a poker book with the remainder.
Not too bad for just playing poker. Whenever I play and I'm not receiving a bonus of some kind, I feel like I am getting ripped off.

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Maigrey said...

I don't think it's unusual to keep poker money and 'money you care about' as my friends put it, separately. I do that, except when I cash out from the boats, anything under a $100 bill gets to go in my wallet, because it's annoying to try and buy in for a buncha $20s. :)