Monday, May 16, 2005

Kevin Smith plays at UB

On top of the poker obsession, I am a HUGE Kevin Smith fan. For those who don't know, Kevin Smith is a writer and director of films such as Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jersey Girl. He also appears in all of those films (except Jersey Girl) as Silent Bob. I might be more of a fan of the man than I am of his work.

The first film I saw was Dogma, which I loved for obvious reasons. From there I saw Mall Rats, Clerks and Chasing Amy. Since then, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jersey Girl have been released. The audio commentaries are fantastic, the DVDs of his college talks "An Evening with Kevin Smith" are hilarious and very insightful of the Hollywood process from an outsider's perspective.

I even bought his book "Silent Bob Speaks." It's a collection of magazine and webzine articles he's written over the last couple of years. Smith is the kind of writer I aspire to be someday. He's witty and vulgar, harsh and warm at the same time. He doesn't shy away from difficult subjects, but never takes anything too seriously. His retort to those who called "Dogma" sacreligious is often "The movie with the rubber poop monster?"

I was reading his Blog and he mentioned a night he spent responding to critics of his review of the latest Star Wars film on some internet site where people insult moviemakers. So I checked out the place called "Rotten Tomatoes." It's the kind of site that is lampooned very effectively in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." He posted over a 12 hour period, mixing it up with assholes and ass lickers. Around 3:00 AM his time, after responding for hours and hours, he writes this:

This place has become like I know I should call it a night, but I keep thinking that good hand is right around the corner.

Holy shit! He plays online poker too....I wonder what his UB username is?


Shelly said...

Kevin Smith is my overlord!!!!!

JD said...

Wow, cool catch DB. I think the coolest username for him would have to be SilentBob, but odds are it was taken.

Ignatious said...

lol, thats damn funny.

dlk9s said...

That's one strange order to watch Kevin Smith's movies. I hope you've watched them all again to understand all the inside jokes and recurring characters!

I remember when I saw Mallrats and had no idea who Ben Affleck was. When I read the credits, I even pronounced his name with the accent on the "fleck".