Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Poker Coin

A while back I placed an order from PokerCoin and I did a little review of the products I received. I had ordered a card protector and a keychain, you can see the card protector here. It's the one in the middle.

In my review, I said I was kind of disappointed in the card protector because it only has content on one side, and I wished it was more like the keychain.

Lo and behold, Brian at PokerCoin read my review and wrote me an email saying he wished I had ordered a different coin. He carries some coins for resale, but he also makes his own. The one I didn't like was one he resells, and he wanted to get my impression of the ones he makes.

For free, he sent me two more coins, ones that he made and they are FAR superior to the "I'm not Bluffing - Read 'em and Weep" coin that I bought from him.


The one on the left comes in many colors, so I requested "Hot Pink." It's pretty pink, although it looks more red in this photo and in the dark most people think it's red. It came in an airtight case, but can be easily removed.

The true star of the show is the one on the right in the picture. It's larger and has a lot more detail. There are holes surrounding the main design in the middle, and it is numbered because it is a limited edition. The detail on the engraving is incredible, you really have to feel this one to get a true appreciation of it, especially the shark on the back. It came in a jewelry type case, perfect for gift giving. If any poker wives see this post, this is a fantastic present to suprise your husband with, and vice versa. The big one is only $20 plus shipping, which is reasonable. I just checked the web site, and they are selling this card protector for $15 now.

Obviously the service is beyond compare. I didn't even complain directly to them about my purchase, and they made it right just from an offhand mention that one of the coins I ordered didn't quite live up to expectations. I suspect if anyone ordered something and wasn't happy with the quality, it would be quickly replaced or easily returned.

I will be taking both of these coins to Las Vegas with me to show to Mike Jackness from PokerSourceOnline. Hopefully he will start carrying them in the PSO store so people with around 2500 pso points from rakeback or promotions can order them. I think they would be a real hit. They are extravagant pieces, almost artwork. I've used them in two different casinos now, and everyone who asks to see them goes "WOW."

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mac40k said...

I have the small shark coin with black enamel. I agree that they are great. I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on a limited edition, but fellow PSO'ers with nothing better to do with their points could do a lot worse.