Thursday, May 19, 2005

Zero Shanna Hiatt hits!

The best thing about adding StatCounter is that you can be constantly entertained by what google searches end up hitting your blog. It seems pretty dependent on what you use for your Blog Title and your Post Title.

This is the first day since I added StatCounter that I didn't see a single hit on a Shanna Hiatt search. There have been days where the searches were only for Shawna Hyatt, or Shana Hyat, but today there isn't even a misspelling. She quits the WPT and BANG, she quits getting me hits from internet perverts.

Anyway, there are still some funny search hits in todays Recent Keyword Activity...

Free Rude Cards

I don't know if this guy is looking for playing cards with naked ladies on them or what. I think my dad had a set of those in 1975. Now they make them with Osama Bin Laden on them instead. 1975 was better.

dealing with a bunch of old rude people

I sure hope my blog helped this guy. Excessive use of the word "fuck" may have done the trick.

don't play poker with people named after cities

Kind of ironic, since my username at Party Poker is OklahomaDug....not really named after a city, but a state. Maybe I should have gone with OklahomaCityDug to REALLY intimidate people. I more likely would have chosen OakCityDug though.

rude comics

Getting closer....Shit I haven't done a comic yet this week. I'll need to log on and listen will happen, it usually doesn't take very long. Or I can just rip off something I read in another blog. That works especially well.

Fuck Oklahoma

BINGO! I knew someone would get it exactly right! I hope he was upset AT Oklahoma, and not looking for some kind of tourism organization for sleazy tours of the beautiful countryside with Oklahoma women.....or Oklahoma livestock. Ewwww.

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