Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stolen Content

I too, am a victim of content thievery. It happens to us all. Even my profanity laden missives have been absconded with.

The perpetrators, in my case, were, whatever that is. On advice of The Poker Geek I employed CopyScape. Their protection graphic can be seen at the right of the page.

And wonder of wonders, after I added the "DO NOT COPY" graphic to my page, my content was removed from the offending website. I can't even get to that site anymore, it looks like they are having "issues." Let that be a lesson, don't fuck with The Geek.

I unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to threaten any thieves with physical violence. Rest assured, I would have. My favorite part is when they claim to call the cops. They are dealing with POKER bloggers here. We can spot a bad bluff all the way from South Dakota. I can hear the police dispatcher now..."Some anonymous person you stole from threatened you over the internet? I'll call the SWAT team right away..."

1 comment:

Felicia :) said...

I thought the thief was a little touched in the head, myself.

Not the brightest tool in the shed, either. I went to her site (I'm assuming she is a woman, since she claims her name is Jo), and saw the spelling errors. She can sure steal content, but she can't press spell check.

So then I was lucky enough to read the e-mail from the "cop" in South Dakota. If I thought Jo was a little slow, dang, that cop couldn't even spell common four letter words!

I wish I was bright enough to figure out how to record something on my PC. I wanted to do a spoof about "Jo" calling the cops, sort of like the Burger King 911 call. I had an idea all worked out involving Jo, the dispatcher and the cop who can't spell four-letter words. I was even going to use that almost-Canadian SD "Fargo" accent.

GMTA, I think we were both plotting the same course.