Monday, September 05, 2005

"A Blessing in Disgise"

Well it's a fucking GREAT disguise!

I just fixed a radio that I was having problems with, and scanning through an AM station I heard some religious show for about 30 seconds. Maybe I didn't hear the entire context of what was going on, but the part I did hear almost made me VOMIT.

The two fucktards talking were discussing how the abortion clinics in New Orleans were not operating. One of them said "Maybe this hurricane was a BLESSING IN DISGUISE."

What the fuck are these people thinking? They are willing to trade THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT LIVES so that their agenda on abortion can have some light shed on it? Not even a meaningfull amount of attention will be given to their cause, but in their TINY little minds, this is a GOOD THING!

How do people who are actually GOOD CHRISTIANS associate themselves with bottom scraping SCUM like this?

Again, they are taking advantage of the worst natural disaster in the history of this country to PROMOTE THEIR OWN AGENDA. They're worse than looters.

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