Thursday, September 29, 2005

By Popular Request

Someone suggested (and it was noted by my sponsor) that there should be an easy way to access all the poker comics without reading through my entire blog. At first I thought, screw em, they SHOULD have to read through all my blog. There's some good shit in there! Plus lots of regular shit. And some really shitty shit.

So, if you scroll down a bit and look to the right you'll see the Poker Comic listed and linked for easy access, under the heading Poker Tells. One thing I noticed when I made the link list was that I screwed up the numbering something fierce. I ended up on the right spot, but I used several numbers more than once....I think I actually used one number three times. This whole "not being able to count" thing has really hurt my poker game over the years...

I've stabilized the comic so that it appears every Wednesday. I used to just post it when the mood strikes me, but sometimes the mood would strike me twice in one day, and sometimes not for weeks. Trying to make it consistenly on Wednesdays has really made it better, I think. Not that it's anything extraordinary. If I hear a funny poker joke or occurrence while playing, and I actually remember it, I repeat it here. I suspect a lot of people have heard the jokes already. But hopefully it gives some people a chuckle.

Making the list made me really notice that some of them are really out of context when taken alone, but what can you do? Sometimes, to get the joke, you'll really have to read the blog. That's not so bad, is it? What, do you have something better to do? Like play poker or something?

I'm not sure how long the sponsorship will last anyway....I've had tons of click throughs, but they're not happy with the amount of people that actually sign up. I'm leading the horses to the water, but they ain't drinking. Not really a big deal to me, I did the comic before it was sponsored, I'll continue to do it without sponsorship, if (when) that occurs. I'll miss the money though...

Okie-Vegas Get Together Planned!

Anyone that would actually consider coming to Oklahoma City should head over to GCox's Low Limit Grinder blog and check out the Okie-Vegas get together he is assembling. It sounds like a lot of pokery fun. If any of you want to meet him and his cast of challengers, along with me and possibly Maudie, start making your plans now!


GaryC said...

Thanks for the pimpin', Duggle. I do appreciate it.

It is probably 6-9 months off, but if we have a firm date by the end of the year, most who want to attend would have the chance.

I've already bought the Southern Comfort.


TripJax said...

good lookin' out Duggle. very cool of you to pimp it. i'll be there and look forward to meeting you. maybe i can even check call you all night at the 3/6 tables.

as always, may the felt be with you.