Monday, September 05, 2005

In Poker News...

In the last two weeks, I've taken advantage of two bonuses from The Gaming Club Poker.

One week ago last Friday they sent me an email that said if I deposited EXACTLY $100, I would get a bonus of $50 after playing 350 raked hands. That's a pretty good clearance rate, although I found it odd that you could only deposit exactly $100, no more. Why discourage people from depositing more?

I finished the 350 hands before Monday, and the $50 was in my account almost immediately. The promotion went very well as I won $50 completing the requirements.

The next Friday they sent me another email that said because I completed last weeks promotion, if I deposited EXACTLY $200, I would get a bonus of $100 after completing 700 raked hands.

This one has not gone as smoothly. I completed the raked hands on Saturday Night, but I never received a confirmation email like I did for the first deposit, and I still haven't gotten my bonus yet. The terms and conditions say that it might take up to 72 hours to receive the bonus, but with no confirmation email, I am sceptical.

I did make contact with my guy at TGC, and he said if I didn't hear anything within 72 hours that he would start "employee hunting." That is MUCH MORE encouraging.

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