Monday, September 26, 2005

PSO Cruise Freeroll

Poker Source Online held their first freeroll for a Caribbean Cruise last night.

PSO runs really great freeroll tournaments. There's a chat room where an admin shows up an hour before the tournament starts to help people who have problems registering. There are still a lot of people who can't handle the registration procedure or can't find the tournament in the lobby, but 182 managed to get going last night, out of 270 registrants.

AK held up like a champ for me all night. I played it pretty strong whenever I had it, and other than the times I just stole the blinds with it, I think I doubled up with it twice.

The killer was QQ utg. There were 21 left and I had an above average stack around 25K with the blinds at 500/250 and a 50 ante. The big stack was at my table and he was trying to steal every pot with a pre-flop raise, usually all in for around 60K. I decided that I had to double up with QQ here and not just take the blinds. I was pretty sure I could count on big stack to raise, because he was in the blinds. I limped, and sure enough, it folded to the big boy who went all in. I called, and he showed 96 suited, exactly what I figured. 6 on the flop and 6 on the river and I was 21st in a tournament that only paid the first two....each got a free week-log cruise in December.

You've never seen a bigger luckbox than this guy. He played completely obviously. If he raised an amount, he had something....and boy did he get the cards. He raised 3 or 4x the blinds about 5 times in a row, and every one of those times he had JJ or BETTER. But when he went all in, he had nothing. And he showed it often. And when he got called, he usually sucked out. His T8 beat AK. His 66 rivered JJ and AA to knock out two at once. That 666 put him in the driver's seat. He had more than 100K soon after the final table began, and there was only about 180K total chips in the tourney. On the final meaningful hand of the tournament, he knocked the third place player out when his TJs caught a flush against JJ.

There are two more tournaments for this cruise, so if I were you I'd get over to Poker Source Online and do a promotion to get qualified. Tell em DuggleBogey sent ya.

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