Saturday, September 17, 2005

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One of the things that I detest worst in other poker players is how they have the ability to blame their losing on something other than bad play or randomness. Even if it was just superstition, I wouldn't have as much of a problem as I do with these retards to think things are somehow "rigged." Be it a doom switch, or a cashout curse, or what have you.

I detest it in players, but it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPABLE in a blog. I recently read a blog where the player, in complete sincerity, was talking along about how he has this much of a bankroll at a site, and how "the site" will not allow him to succeed, and how "the site" is determining his level of success, not how he is playing.

I see it all the time in the forums. "I hate that site and I'm never going back." Especially in Poker Source Online where people play a lot of different sites. Inevitably they dislike the site for ONE reason. They LOST MONEY THERE. They could blame it on "bad luck." That would probably be a mistake, but an understandable one that could be true, it just "probably" isn't. They could blame it on the quality of the opposition. But that would be somehow admitting they aren't the BEST $.50/$1.00 PLAYER ON EARTH. Not gonna happen. They don't blame it on these actually plausible, but not probable possiblities. They ACTUALLY BLAME it on the site. Somehow the SOFTWARE has conspired to betray them.

I've never heard someone say "I don't like the site because I don't feel like I play my best game there." Mostly because that doesn't make sense. What about a certain software package would prevent you from playing your best game? I would also accept they don't spread enough games at the level that I like. Or, I get better bonuses somewhere else. These are acceptable excuses for not wanting to return to a poker site. But to say "The site is responsible for my winning and losing, and I might as well not even play correctly," is just complete rubbish.

If you do not believe in the absolute integrity of a site, then you are a moron. But even more than an ordinary moron for believing something that is obviously not true, but CONTINUING TO PLAY when you believe it is rigged, is just plain psychotic.

There's a lot of fucking psychos out there in pokerland.


BG said...

Actually, I left Party behind because I was no longer playing decent poker there. I was going through an extended cold-decking, was watching morons at my limits catch when I did have stuff, and pressed way too hard with marginal hands - all things a recipe for bankroll disaster. It wasn't the software, it was the environment as a whole. I believed I couldn't possibly win at Party Poker. Pulled my money, and am doing pretty well at FTP - not because of anything except maybe a more positive attitude.

Drizztdj said...

I detest Absolute's software. I fully believe if you don't like the software it CAN detour you from playing your best, thus having unfavorable results.

But to blame a "doom switch"? Grab a tin foil hat and stop playing.