Friday, September 30, 2005

Busy Day....blah

Crazy day at work....everyone's computer seems to need attention. I don't even do PC support, but suddenly I'm everybody's computer bitch.....ugh.

I might be cranky because I didn't get enough sleep last night. I played the Intertops Freeroll from 7pm to 11:30, only to go all in with A9 vs slow played AA. I got third place out of 330 or so, which is a fair accomplishment. I think I have cemented my reputation as a nut peddler there. At one point when the blinds were 1000/2000 I made a horrid call with AT vs AQ and got knocked down to 11000. From there I proceeded to quadruple up without showing down a single hand. I actually got back into second place out of the last four after being essentially out of it. I had been playing so incredibly tight that when I shifted gears, nobody could adjust. One time I went all in on my BB for another 9K after the entire table limped for 2K and some of them had stacks nearing 150K, and everyone folded. I had T6o. KingLucky was observing and laughed at that.

Normally online, especially in freerolls, if you are trying to establish a certain table image, you are just wasting your time. But at the final table with a group of people that might be decent at poker and have been seeing you showdown monster after monster all night long, you can actually get some people to fold. It's all about timing. If you show down one horrible hand, your cover will be blown. So save it up and don't blow your wad until you absolutely have to.

How's that for poker advice?

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Jeremiah said...

A9 against a slowplayed AA??

Did you put him on slowplayed flush?

[/Rounders reference]