Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina's Side Effects

One of the things I hate MOST about when disasters like Hurricane Katrina happen is the blatantly DISGUSTING opportunism that occurs in the aftermath.

And I'm NOT talking about looters. Yes, looting is awful. But that's a bunch of broke people who are barely surviving life anyway who are taking advantage of a situation that allows them to act less than lawfully. They suck, but at least I understand why they are doing what they are doing.

I'm talking about opportunistic scumbags that use the disaster to obtain some kind of political gains.

Scumbags like Neil Cavuto of FOX News, who says things like:

When this kind of stuff happens to other folks, we're there. When this kind of stuff happens to us, who's here?

I know we're a rich country. But I think it a bit rich so few call to wish us well in this country.
Not only are you a scumbag, Neil, you're a bad journalist who doesn't check out your bullshit before you spread it. Aid and empathy have been offered and expressed by DOZENS of foreign countries. Neil may not have seen it, as it was hidden in such secretive publications as "The USA Today." Offers came pouring in from Venezuela, China, France, Germany, The Vatican, The Swiss, The British....the list goes on and on.

What political gains does Neil hope to get from this outright LIE? Does he hope to make Americans even MORE xenophobic? Fuck you, Neil. Americans are hated in other countries enough without meat popsicles like you.

But what's even worse than jerks like Cavuto, are the organizations that proclaim that "God handed out this punishment" because people affected might have misbehaved. Like the Christian group "Repent America" who says that God destroyed New Orleans because of "Girls Gone Wild" and a gay pride parade that was to occur on Labor Day Weekend.

If that's what your God can do, he's pretty impotent. Since all the rich, decadent folks evacuated New Orleans and left 70% black and 99% poor people there, God seems to have it in for the poor minorities of the area.

I'm not sure what these whacko conservative Christian groups are after either. They've always wanted to enforce some kind of societal engineering according to their agenda, but do they really think taking advantage of the death and destruction really gets people on their side?

Whether you're using a disaster to promote your own political agenda, or your using the opportunity to loot, you're scum.


nevermind said...

It's funny how you sympathize with people who are breaking the law and attack those who are merely voicing their opinion. I guess freedom of speech should only be allowed if it agrees with you.

DuggleBogey said...

Freedom of speech? I never attacked their right to give their opinions, I only attack those opinions as being MORONICALLY STUPID.

And you're being hypocritical, aren't you? You're attacking me for voicing my opinion, so isn't your argument redundant?

DuggleBogey said...

And furhtermore, I didn't "sympathize" with the looters. I even said that what they are doing is "awful" and that they "suck."

What I said was that these scumbags that use a disaster to promote their own fucked up agenda are doing THE SAME THING.

Drizztdj said...

Meat popsicle HAHAHAHA

Love it and spot on.

Jmaximus said...

I hope somebody loots your slog (slander blog).

DuggleBogey said...

Can there be some kind of rule that comments must make sense?

How do you loot a blog, and whom did I slander?

Get a life, fuckwit.

leathej1 said...

My personal favorite non sequitur argument - the "freedom of speech" bit. Kinda like when your little brother farts in church and then asserts "It's a free country!" He's not really sure how or why it is a free country, but he's sure that this legally exempts him from responsibility for squeezing his ass cheeks together.

leathej1 said...

Besides, its libel - slander is spoken.

DuggleBogey said...

Excellent Spiderman reference!