Friday, September 16, 2005

To play or not to play...

Wow, talk about a blog that should never paraphrase Shakespeare...

At first I was going to head to the T-bird on Thursday, because Mrs. Bogey works on Thursday nights....but then I thought that would be bad because I have to work on Friday early and I would be tempted to stay out too late.

So then I decided Friday would be better, but then when I found out I had to come into work for about an hour Saturday morning, I decided Saturday would be perfect.

Then I remembered the real reason I wanted to play on Thursday was because I had some match play coupons for the T-bird. Doh!

I will still probably play for a few hours after work on Saturday at the T-bird, since I have to spend the gas money to get most of the way there anyway. Maybe get to see how the Saturday afternoon fishies taste. That is if I still have money left after the guy who's looking at my well gets done. Living out in the country has a lot of expenses I hadn't anticipated. Home ownership in general is a scam...But that's a different blog.

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