Friday, May 12, 2006

Enough is Enough

That seals it:

I am officially boycotting The Most Pointless Blog In The Universe

In other news...

I signed up and started playing at World Poker Exchange last night. There are things I like about the interface, especially that they don't have that stupid "wooshing" sound when the cards are dealt. The overlay in the multis is fantastic, and the play is donkey-rific.

I always thought the most serious flaw in a rake-free poker site would be that the players would have to be more savvy to be interested in a rake-free system. Playing with more savvy players seemed like a -EV idea to me.

But I neglected the "donkey factor." Fish will always be fish, blissfully ignorant. The donkey is a much more desirable opponent, because most donks THINK they are good players, but actually they are worse than the fish, because they keep rebuying and rebuying and rebuying...Fish are more likely to be calling stations, and while a nice calling station can fill up your pockets occasionally, there's nothing like a chip spewing maniac that raises with nothing at the slightest sign of weakness to double your stack on a hit-and-run.


Fuel55 said...

Don't be so hard on the UpForPoker Donkeys. They are so cute and they try so hard!

FatBaldGuy said...

I have to admit, their recent topics are not very serious. A bit disappointing, really, because the earlier stuff was quite thought-provoking.