Monday, May 08, 2006

The Fuck You Know...

PokerSourceOnline has some really great new deals going on I should mention to those who signed up via my links.

They've added PokerShare, replacing The Gaming Club Poker, who basically increased their bonus requirements to be completely unreasonable for the smaller players. Their prerogative of course, but they lost PSO's business because of it. PokerShare used to be part of the same network as Ultimate Bet, but they offered such a better deal that they were stealing a large chunk of UB's customers. So now they are on a different network, and I hear the games are good. I would do this promotion next, except that...

Titan Poker has become too difficult to pass up. They've reduced the requirements to complete the PSO bonus by HALF, and if you sign up before the end of June you get a piece of Mike J's action in TWO events at the WSOP this year. Last year he did a similar promotion and he moneyed in the $3000 NL holdem event. Everyone who signed up for the promotion last year got a nice piece of change, on top of normal PSO promotion and the bonus directly from the poker room. That's like triple dipping.

This year you have at least twice as much chance, because Mike J is offering two events, plus most members have done the Titan Promotion already, or took advantage of the Free Money at Titan Poker promo. You can sign up and get the Nevada Jacks chips or 9000 PSO points bonus, get the deposit bonus from Titan Poker (which is pretty damn good) and hopefully get a nice cash from one or both of the WSOP events. If he wins one or both, this could be worth THOUSANDS.

As soon as I get some problems with my laptop worked out (hard drive is DYING!) I will be signing up for this deal. Until then, here's a clip I like from every poker player's favorite and most hated movie:


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Meek said...

I dropped some coin chasing the PokerShare PSO promotion. It is on a European network, so their traffic is mainly during the day in the US. Also, there are a lot of 6 max tables going, but not many, if any full 10 seaters. I'm a limit player normally, and had to switch to NL for this bonus.

Good luck with Titan. I fall into the 'already cleared it' group.