Thursday, November 11, 2004

Blog Problems

Well, it finally came time to address two major problems with my blog.

Problem number one was that when I started posting the poker comics, it moved my sidebar all the way to the bottom of the screen in Internet Explorer. I didn't notice immediately because I was using Foxfire, and the problem didn't occur on Foxfire. Well, there was a different problem where the Poker Comic and the Sidebar text would overlap, but that only existed when the Poker Comic was at the top of the page. When my laptop hard drive ate itself, I never reloaded Foxfire and got to see what was happening in IE, and it was pretty darn ugly. Of course all that was missing was my counter, and who cares about that besides me. But then I decided that I needed to address problem number two, and that would make problem number one much more important.

Problem number two was that I didn't pimp any other bloggers in a links section. I knew link sections were easy to do, I just never got off my ass and did it. I am mentioned in a ton of other bloggers' blogrolls, and it is just plain RUDE of me not to reciprocate. But in order to have a blogroll on the sidebar, you'd actually need to be able to SEE my sidebar.

Problem one was solved by tinkering with the blogger template for a while. Problem two was even easier, I stole the formatting from someone else's blog. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you know.

So now the blog works correctly, I think. Probably not at all screen resoultions or in all browsers, but screw all that, I'm not enough of a geek to care.

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