Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Really Exciting Part

When I got home from Kansas City, I logged on to check my email and to check on the reaction to the flaming post I left on the PSO forum. One thread had the title "We are giving away a cruise trip in the next 24 hours." Interested? I sure was!

It turns out that one person who won the cruise tournament suddenly cannot go. They hadn't issued the tickets or bought the plane tickets yet so they decided to just give the cruise package away to someone who was SURE they could go. They said they wanted to give it away to someone who participated in the forums a lot, someone who won the 10,000 PSO point prize in the last few months would be given the most consideration. I won it two months ago, so I fit pretty good in this category.

The second category was a person who had participated in the most Promotions. When Absolute confirms my raked hands on their next report, I will have done THEM ALL. Nobody could surpass me in this category.

The third category was a tie breaker, based on the number of posts in the forum. I have the most posts in the forum of any customer, by almost a third. Nobody else is even close on this one. It's nice to know being opinionated and having a big mouth, along with some slow time at work can pay off.

So when I entered, they basically called off the contest and gave the package to me. I really tried hard to win the cruise in the tournaments, even to the point of getting RZ to play in the last one Saturday night because I couldn't make it. He finished 180th out of 399, so I figured my chances were gone. Never give up!

When I started playing poker online last year, I just thought it would be a good cheap way to kill some time and have a lot of competition and fun. When I started winning and learning and getting more involved with the community, it started looking more like a full fledged hobby. But when I got associated with Poker Source Online this really started to take on a life of its own. I started talking about poker a lot more, thinking about poker a lot more, and enjoying the community of poker players a lot more. I have gotten a lot of my friends into poker, and all of them have taken advantage of Poker Source Online in one way or another. Free chips, free tournaments, free poker tables, everyone is profiting, and having fun. But this takes the cake. I am getting a FREE CRUISE TO CABO SAN LUCAS, all expenses paid, just for participating in their site, and playing poker. I would have played poker anyway, and I participate in their site for myself, to keep myself entertained and to talk about poker with people. I would have done it for nothing. This is all too much.

Thank you Poker Source Online Again I say. If anyone is playing poker online with any frequency, and they are not part of an affilliate program, they are stupid. If it's one different than Poker Source Online they are just playin CRAZY.


shodough said...

Man, i really thought i had a shot at that cruise till i saw you post that you wanted to go, so you BETTER have fun out there man.

Christopher Maselli said...

You TOTALLY deserve this cruise, DB! I'm SO glad you won it! Yea! We want pictures and good reports! :)

If you can, while on the cruise, log onto your blog or PSO and give us updates!

Heafy said...

Fantastic! Congrats to the best advocate that PSO has!

Lifesagrind said...

Since you came to Kansas City and didn't look me up to introduce yourself I guess I'll have to wait till were on the cruise to meet you. Of course you will have to act as our personal butler while on the trip since you weren't a good enough player to actually win your way in. Just kidding :)
Looking forward to meeting you, and taking your money at the tables.

Lifesagrind said...

crap I meant to post that as "anonymous", lol