Monday, November 08, 2004

Everyone shoots angles...

One kind of annoying thing did happen during the PSO League that got under my skin.

While the tourney was going on, many PSO members participated in the Online Chat going on at the PSO Chat site. I was enjoying the chat, as several people from my table were on there, and they are pretty funny guys.

When the last person on the final table that was also in chat got knocked out, I started talking more in chat, just because I knew it would be more fun and entertaining for them and myself. I was talking about hands a lot, not necessarily during the hand, but certainly afterwards. The other heads-up player was called Zagnut99, and there was no Zagnut in chat, so I assumed he wasn't there.

I was completely wrong. I also assumed that if he was there, he would have identified himself a long time ago. Also not true. There were a few people in there that had different names in Chat from what they were in the Poker Game, but they were careful to tell who they were. One person even put his chat name next to his poker site name with a pipe between them. It was very clear that you were supposed to identify yourself in chat. He was JD something in chat, and when the game was over with he typed into chat. "Thanks for the game, I'm Zagnut99." He had been in the chat the whole time, listening to everything I had to say about how I was playing, and just kept his mouth shut.

I don't mean to imply that he broke any rules, or that he even definitely gained an advantage. Hell, if he didn't catch his 35% flush, I doubt he would have won the tourney at all. I'm just saying, that's a SHITTY way to be. This was a VERY friendly small stakes tourney. The prizes available outside the prize money are probably worth a total of $20-$35. It's not worth being a shit about, that's for sure.


Zagnut99 said...

Hey offense, but I realy wasn't paying much attention to the chat...I had hoped to, but I don't multitask well.

I had no idea that anyone would think that lurking there would give any kind of advantage (it didn't)... I saw that someone had a similar thought on the PSO forum, so I crated a Zagnut name there too, so there would be no confusion in the future.


P.s. I would have told you that I read your blog, but I didn't make the connection until after the tournament...I thought you name sounded familiar, but I figured it was from the PSO Forum.

DuggleBogey said...

That's why I have been very careful not to accuse anyone of anything...I don't really think you were intentionally trying to gain an edge, in fact the way you can up all of a sudden at the end made me think you had the chat window minimized most of the time.

People tend to project their situation on other people, I know I am frequently guilty of this. My multiple monitors allow me to view chat and play the table at the same time, so I might assume that others would do that too. Without multiple monitors that would be a lot of window moving, which would be a hassle to deal with along with a very active tournament.

It still would have been nice to know you were in there, maybe you said who you were earlier in the evening and I just missed it, as I wasn't watching the chat constantly either.