Thursday, November 18, 2004

Casino Whoring

We will take time out from the regularly scheduled Poker Bonus whoring for some Casino Bonus whoring. I have done the casino whore bit at PlanetLuck and Starluck casinos. They are both owned by Party Poker and there was an unbelievable promotion through Poker Source Online . The actual bonus wasn't as good with these deals, but the deal was better so I gave it a shot.

The PlanetLuck/Starluck deal was that you deposited $100, got $100 in bonus cash and got a $50 Amazon Gift card, as long as you wagered $1600. You had to play blackjack. I made about $150 on those deals combined, plus $100 in Amazon gift cards.

This one was at Reef Club Casino . What made this deal better was the fact that they had Craps. Anyone that knows a little about craps knows that if there is an amount wagered bonus element, then the thing to do is shoot craps, and to play "wrong." I like to play "wrong" in the casinos, but sometimes the shooter gets mad at you, because basically you are betting that the shooter, if he is betting on himself, and he usually does, will lose. I usually respond to a shooter who gets mad with a good ol' "Fuck you. If you don't like it, don't play."

A little background for the non-craps players out there. Craps seems intimidating because of all the different kinds of bets and all the yelling and screaming and jargon and whatnot. It's a very simple game. A player bets and rolls the dice. If he makes a 2,7,11 or 12 you either win or lose the bet. If a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 are rolled, he continues to roll until he rolls that number again, or rolls a 7. That's the whole game. Will the shooter roll the same number twice without rolling a 7. You either bet that he will or he won't.

It gets more complicated when you talk about the bets, and that's because of odds. The real reason craps is so popular is because after the point is established (one of those numbers that isn't a 2,3,7,11 or 12) you get "true odds" on your bet. That means you will win the same amound depending on the chance of that number rolling. Say the point is 4. There are three different ways two six-sided dice can roll a 4, but there are six different ways to roll a 7. So you get double your money if you are betting on the 4.

The converse is true if you are betting AGAINST the 4. You have to bet $10 to win $5, but there is twice as much a chance you will win it. There is no house edge on these bets.

At THAT's the most important factor in this casino whoring story. If you can wager twice as much and have twice as much chance of winning, and THE AMOUNT WAGERED is the most important factor in the bonus, you can essentially bet HALF as much as necessary.

I played craps for about 20 minutes, betting "wrong" the whole time and had $1000 wagered with ease. I even profited $64 while doing it, so I actually cashed out $264. I don't know about you, but $164 profit for very little risk in 20 minutes is a GREAT deal for me.


Chris Halverson said...

Uh...that's why craps is usually disallowed for bonuses. In fact, at Reef Club it says on their Help Page:

1. Bonus Points accumulated via low-risk Roulette and Craps bets will not be eligible for any of our events and will not count as a wager for our bonus policy.

So, it may not have worked for you. No casino that I have seen (and I've whored about 10 of them) allows craps to count. In fact, some of them explicitly say that if you play any non-bonus generating game before clearing the bonus that you forfeit the whole thing. You gotta be careful and always read the T&C BEFORE doing anything.

DuggleBogey said...

I checked with Live Support before playing. A "low risk Craps or Roulette Bet" means 1. For Roulette, betting on both the red and the black at the same time and 2 For Craps, betting the Pass and Don't Pass at the same time.

If you play the games straight up, your bets still count.

Chris Halverson said...

*whew* Good thing you checked :) Glad it worked out too!