Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving Weekend

Not much poker over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Relatives visiting and Thanksgiving hassles, along with some holiday shopping made it unlikely. I did squeeze in two freerolls at the same time, along with one SNG before bed Sunday night.

The freerolls were at Intertops, and I moneyed in both of them. Intertops mysteriously doubled the prize pool in one, so I made twice as much for my 5th place finish as the payout schedule indicated. My 20ish finish in the other netted me a big $.75 score. Still, it’s an infinite amount more than my buy in.

The other game was a SNG at Pacific. They are amazingly easy. I got a nice early lead with I held AJ in a J high flop. I called an all-in in front of me and turned a J and rivered a J. Pacific doesn't show you the loser's cards, even in an all-in, so I don't know if I sucked the guy out. I imagine I did, hopefully Kings or Aces. I got a big lead early, blew it, got the lead back, blew it again, then got a HUGE lead. Quads showed up 5 times in one SNG, once on the board to counterfeit a guy’s pair of jacks who was all in on a flop of 444. A moron called him with king crap offsuit. He did end up finishing second to me for the tourney so at least he got paid and the moron went out on the bubble. I think he just got tired of playing because we battled for so long. The other 8 players were pathetic. If you aren't playing tourneys at Pacific, you should be. And if you do, remember the referral code DuggleBogey for $90 worth of comps from with a $100 deposit.

The only other "pokery" thing I did this weekend was watch movies. I got the special edition of "Rounders" on Friday with a Best Buy gift card (Thank you PSO) and watched it with the "poker pro" commentary running. Phil Hellmuth did most of the talking, of course. Johnny Chan and Chris Moneymaker were also pretty interesting. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson said about 10 words, only when Phil forced him to. When there were poker hands going on in the movie, they had plenty to say, but the rest of the film had them stunned into silence.
The other movie I watched, based on a recommendation from a PSO forum poster, was "Shade." What a piece of crap this movie is. Never mind that they completely misunderstood the concept of "table stakes" the central theme of the movie is "the best cheater should win." No legitimate card player would find this movie at all entertaining. Maybe a slight-of-hand magician might. And if you bought Sylvester Stallone as the ultimate card shark, you're a fool.

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