Thursday, November 04, 2004

PSO Sweetens The Deal

If anyone out there isn't working with an affiliate program, now is the time.

Poker Source Online has upgraded their promotions. Now instead of getting a free 300 piece chipset, you can get a 500 piece chipset. Really nice clay chips, about $100 in stores or ebay. Or you can take their PSO points. Instead of 6000, you get 9000, which equates to $90 in their online store. You can get Amazon or Best Buy gift certificates, or they have a good selection of poker supplies and books. You can even get American Express gift certificates, which I think work just like AmEx travellers checks.

I have convinced RZ to finally do a promotion through them. Here's the deal. He is going to deposit $100 into Pacific Poker. For referring him I get $20, which I split with him. He receives $50 in bonus cash from Pacific Poker, and then $90 in PSO points. Altogether we will be getting $160 in value, and all he has to do is play 250 raked hands of poker. He doesn't even have to contribute to the rake, any raked hand he is dealt counts. He could theoretically go play Omaha Hi/Lo and fold every hand for 250 hands (great thing about Omaha Hi/Lo, even at $.50/$1.00, nearly every hand gets raked because 7 or so see the flop) and still make money on this deal.

What's the catch? Well, Pacific doesn't have NL or PL poker ring games. Limit only. You can only play one table at a time, so it will take 5-6 hours to play the 250 raked hands. And to cash out the bonus money, you have to wager 20x the amount, so to collect the $50, you have to wager $1000. But you can cash out your deposit amount anytime you want and just play with the bonus until you have wagered enough or it is gone.

PSO has also started a rakeback program through Ultimate Bet. You get 20% of your rake back in PSO points. Not cash, but better than nothing. Gift Certificates make great Christmas Presents, and it's not even re-gifting.

If you are playing poker on a daily basis, as I am, and you are not getting "something extra" when you play, you are a SUCKER. There are comps to be had people! Get 'em!

If you sign up with Poker Source Online be sure to say you were referred by "dugglebogey" on the registration form, and I will paypal half the referral fee to you as soon as I get it.


Sweetie Guy Hutchinson said...

I like your writing style.

DuggleBogey said...

Thanks. Believe it or not, I once did it professionally. In another life, long long ago.