Thursday, November 25, 2004

Poker Stars Freeroll

For the record, Poker Stars has the worst freerolls in the business. They're even worse than Party, and Party doesn't HAVE freerolls. I played in my first Poker Stars last night because King Lucky called me and we wanted to screw around. I asked him if PS had freerolls and he said "We missed it, they start at 5:00." I said "It's only 4:55." I think he was the 6000th entry. So He and I, along with 5998 of poker's finest set sail on a journey to win one of NINE seats into a tourney with the grand prize of $100. WooHoo!!

A small note about the quality of play in these. I am dealt AQo on the button, and I raise maybe 4x the BB. Two come along for the fun. Flop is AJT rainbow. Woohoo, top pair. I make a decent sized bet, both call. Turn is an offsuit Q, giving me 2 pair but a K kicks my tail. It's checked to me and I check also, hoping for an A or a Q and fearing a check raise. The river is an offsuit K. The board has the NUT. It checks to me, which is odd, so I go all in. I figure one of these morons will fold so I will at least get something out of this pot. THEY BOTH FOLD.

All those folks that told you the players at Poker Stars are the best on the internet were yankin' ya.

(I know I know, freerolls. But still, quite a hilarious hand.)

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Heafy said...

Mayeb they we're both worried you had the 9 for the 6-straight?