Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Craps Concerns

A lot of people were concerned about my playing Craps for my casino whoring at Reef Club Casino. Apparently there is a line in their policy that says that low risk Craps and Roulette bets will not be counted towards your bonus.

I took that to mean that if you bet both the pass line and the don't pass line you will not get credited with a bet towards your bonus. Same goes for betting black and red at the same time at Roulette. These are both terrible bets that you can't win but can lose. I guess they want to discourage this for bonus purposes. Otherwise I'm sure they want to encourage it.

One player even sent an email about his bonus requirements and the said he was $21 short because of a few Craps bets he made. This concerned me greatly. So I asked the live chat if Craps counted towards my bonus as long as I bet it straight, and the support person said yes. I was prepared for a fight when I did my cashout, but lo and behold, the money was deposited into my Neteller account yesterday, no questions asked.

So my Craps scenario is 100% valid and validated by me.


Chris Halverson said...

Good deal :)

Just curious though, doesn't it take longer to go through the WR with craps as compared to BJ? Part of the whoring deal is to try to keep the hourly rate high, so being able to go through the WR quickly is a priority. I would think that you can go through a BJ work rate much faster than with craps.

DuggleBogey said...

Wow, no way.

With craps you can bet multiple odds. For example, at Reef Club you can bet 6x odds on a 10 or a 4. So if you have a $10 Don't Pass bet, you can put a $60 lay odds bet on that $10, and you win that bet twice as often as you lose it. (It only pays half though, but your DP bet pays full. $70 wagered, pays $110.) So your WR is covered SIX TIMES faster than making bet after bet.

I got to $1000 wagered in 20 minutes.

Chris Halverson said...

Wow! That is interesting. I guess I just don't know enough about craps to even figure out how to place a bet like that :) Great job!