Monday, November 22, 2004

The post that never was

I was going to post about the home game from this weekend, but nothing positive would come of that. I wouldn't be able to resist talking about the argument I had with another player who claimed that the dealer didn't have to be on the button. He apparently got upset at the last home game when the big blind skipped someone that wasn't him. I won a save and felt lucky to get anything.

These games are supposed to be fun and therefore I honestly don't expect to win them. If I were to play my real game there, nobody would ever play again. I soft played everyone at the table on almost every hand. Of course it came back to bite me in the ass, but I expected that. What I don't expect is for someone to have his head up his ass about the rules, and want to get into a brawl over it.

We had a lot of people cancel at the last minute and still had ten people playing so he may never get invited back. If there ever is a game again. I'm not sure I'd miss it that much. I'll play in any game they have, I'm already committed to that. But if nobody had another game, I'd probably be happier. One person suggested we find six regulars and have a dealers choice game once a month. I could live with that, if we got the right six people. And the pickings are quite slim. Maybe Maudie has a game I could get into that isn't full of people desperate to NOT have a good time.

On top of that I read too many blogs today. So many judgemental assholes out there, so little writing talent. Idiots in their early twenties that think they not only know everything there is to know about poker, but also about life. Trust me, they don't know shit, including proper spelling and grammar.

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