Friday, April 01, 2005

Card Protectors

I decided to start collecting card protectors a while ago, and placed an order for some from places I found on the Internet. I had some money in my PayPal account from referrals at PokerSourceOnline, so I figured this was the best way to blow it on useless poker crap.

The picture is of the three most recent additions to the collection. I put a quarter on there so you could get a better idea of the size of these things.

The first one says "All-In" on the front and "Bite Me" on the back. People usually laugh when they see it, so it's worth it for a giggle. I got it from for $9 plus shipping.

The middle one came from and says "I'm not bluffing, read em and weep" on it. The back is completely blank, which is kind of disappointing. It was $18.95. I also got a Hold Em keychain there that costs $10.95. The keychain is much cooler than the card protector, and all you would have to do is remove the chain to use it as a card protector.

The third one is the nicest one. I got it on the Poker Cruise in December for $15 from a player there who was selling them. There were all kinds of varieties, but I liked the "Bad Beat" one the best. I also got one that had "Ladies" on it for King Lucky, since his worst beats always seem to come with queens. It came in a hard plastic case but I like it better outside of the case. Anyone who wants one can find them easily on Ebay or by doing a google search.

For you online only players, Card Protectors are especially important when you play in a casino and you sit in the one or ten seat. If you don't protect your cards by putting something on them, the dealer can accidentally take them, or another player could accidentally think your cards are the muck pile and send his cards into yours. Once your cards touch other muck cards, your hand, if not protected, is dead. Even if you had AA, and even though it's not your fault.

Other than that they are just for fun, they start converstations at a poker table.


Bill Rini said...

Just to echo your comments about live play, I was at HP one night sitting in the 9s. The flop came Q high. I was sitting on KQ and checked it with the intention of putting in a check-raise. The 1s bet, nobody called and the dealer mucked the cards of the 1s player and started to push her the pot. I said "Hey, I haven't played yet," and the dealer apologized and then pushed the pot to me since the 1s cards had been mucked. Obvously the 1s was pretty upset and a floor manager was called over. He said he was sorry but since the hand hit the muck it was dead and the pot was mine. I told him I thought it was the right call but unfair so I split the pot and gave the 1s half the pot. It was a very small pot so I wasn't really too upset by it but not every pot is a baby pot and if it's your cards they end up mucking . . . :-)

StudioGlyphic said...

Card protectors are important. But be sure you use them the same way with every hand. No tells!

DuggleBogey said...

I use my card protector in different ways. When I have a big hand, I put it on the center. When I have a weak hand, I put it on the edge...

When I bluff, I put it on the center...

alan said...

I ordered a keepsake and magnet from the WPBT Store, to hopefully use as a card protector.

I really want whoever makes the "Bad Beat" one you have to also make one with 72o that says "Hammer". Doubt that's gonna happen, though.