Monday, October 03, 2005


There are literally tubleweeds in my office. I don't mean there aren't very many people here, I mean I walked in the door and had to step around a couple of tumbleweeds. There are often tons of them outside the door here in windy Oklahoma, but somehow they have made their way inside today.

This weekend I started a promotion at Poker Source Online that was just too good to pass up. I deposited $100 at, and after I earn 400 Poker Points, I will receive a set of these:

The chips cost $190 for a set of 300, so they should be something pretty special. I am planning on giving them to my father-in-law for christmas. You can do the promotion at PSO if you haven't had an account at, Titan Poker or Party Poker. I very much doubt if anyone reading my blog doesn't have an account already at Party Poker, but PokerRoom and Titan might have a shot. Especially Titan, except those that used Iggy's code for his tournament. The reviews of the chips from people who have done the promotion already make them seem like the best chips money can buy.

400 points at PokerRoom isn't going to be difficult. You get .7 points for every $1 in rake, and fractional amounts count. So if a pot is raked $.20, you get .14 points. I decided to do this whole promotion playing No Limit Hold Em. I've been playing limit so much lately it has gotten tedious. NL is definitely more exciting, but of course carries more variance. I lost a pretty big pot when I had 25h in the big blind, flopped the flush and paid off UTG who had A4h. But I'm still ahead of where I started thanks to AA vs KK all in for $50.

The new rake structure at actually makes it tougher to complete this at NL. Instead of the max rake at a given table being $3 like most sites, it is twice the big blind. So I'm playing $50NL where the big blind is $.50, so the max rake is $1. The most points I can get in one hand is seven-tenths of a point. Even when the monkeys go all in pre-flop for $50 each when they both have AJ (happened twice yesterday.)

Still, I played two tables for about three hours and got almost 100 points completed, and watched football the entire time. Kansas City apparently finds it tough to win when they spot their opponents three touchdowns off turnovers.

If you're looking for some really special poker chips, and a really great deal on getting them, check out Poker Source Online for this great new promotion. They are only allowing 10 of these promotions per day, so it might take some patience. It did for me, I tried clicking on the banner about 6 times before I found a day where all the offers hadn't been taken already. Hopefully my patience will be rewarded, like it usually is at the poker table.


Drizztdj said...

I haven't signed up at Titan yet... maybe I'll give it a try.

I could use a new set of chips.

TripJax said...

Those are some pretty bad ass looking chips...