Monday, December 05, 2005

Another week off

The basketball game Friday night was great. Mrs. Bogey and I drove to Bricktown, a nice little tourist district in the middle of OKC with a cool little riverwalk area. We found a place to park eventually, arriving just before gametime at a sold out arena. After running back to the car to retrieve the tickets (smooooth) we walked to the Ford Center and sat down seconds before the opening tip-off. The game was interesting, and we stayed to watch the 76ers miss a last second shot, giving the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets an exciting victory. We took our time getting back to the car, so getting out of bricktown was simple and we were home in no time. The entire experience cost $5 for parking, and that's just because the guy at the office didn't give me the season ticket holder's parking pass.

Not much else happening on this week off of work. I had a week of vacation that needed to be taken or I would lose it, so here I am. I will be going to Kansas City at the end of the week, to explore work opportunities and go to the Casinos. Instead of getting there Saturday at Midnight and playing all day Sunday, this time we will be going Friday night at a reasonable hour and playing until Saturday morning. How late will probably be determined by the level of success. In other words, if I bust out early, I go home early.

Of course the home game at King Lucky's house is Saturday, so that should be fun as well. I have a lot to do around the house, and plenty of time for the online pokering, should the need arise.

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