Friday, December 02, 2005

New Orleans/Oklahoma City

I won't be playing in Wil's tournament tonight because I got free tickets to the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets vs. Philadelphia Iversons 76ers game tonight. Is that not the longest name for an NBA Basketball team? P H I L A D....just kidding.

I've talked to a lot of people who absolutely HATE the fact that they added Oklahoma City to the end of the New Orleans. But none of them have a good solution either. Do you just call them the New Orleans Hornets and completely ignore the fact that they aren't playing in New Orleans? If that was how it worked, couldn't we still call them the Charlotte Hornets?

Nobody thinks that just calling them the Oklahoma City Hornets is a good idea. That looks too much like we are "stealing" their team in their time of need. You can't steal something that doesn't want to be there in the first place. Maybe we are "liberating" them from New Orleans.

Nobody liked my idea...I said call them the Utah Jazz. Plus nobody got the joke. Nobody remembers the New Orleans Jazz because nobody, and I mean NOBODY follows the NBA.

Anyway, my company (as long as I still work in this location) got season tickets to the Hornets games here in Oklahoma City. Today is my turn to use them. I guess I'm lucky I got tickets so early in the season, instead of April or sometime when there's no chance I'd be able to use them.

I still need some kind of side action to make the game interesting. Al? Any action from you on the Iversons? I don't suspect you are a fan, since I've never seen you mention them in print. At least not in a memorable way.


AlCantHang said...

I'm not into pro basketball very much. I prefer the college version, and then only during February and March.

Have a blast.

DuggleBogey said...

See? Proof that NOBODY follows the NBA.

Not even AL! and that guy follows soccer games on ANOTHER FREAKING CONTINENT!

TripJax said...

Couldn't comment on your previous post so I'm using this one...

It took about 10 days to get my email from PSO, but once I did the lady on the phone was very nice and I was ready to roll just minutes later. The requirements are hefty for my usual play, but so far so good.

The one thing I suggest to anyone reading this, just be patient. Don't bog down the PSO forum asking them every day when you will receive the email. On day 5 when I had not received the email I wanted to post on the forum, but I knew it was because they were busy and working on it. I was patient and eventually I did get the email. These guys are working hard to give us free money so just work with them by waiting in line like the rest.

I think it is a great promotion...